80 for 80 Fundraiser

Over the past 80 years Railmen has affected many people from all different walks of life.  Starting from a parade corps, moving to the field, and then indoors, Railmen has seen success through placements, but true success has been the development of great, young men and women.


This year we honor our 80 years of history with a fundraiser to cover equipment, facilities, staffing, scholarships, and lowering of member dues. A donation to our organization not only helps to keep this activity strong and influential in our area, but helps to spread the joy of music throughout the Midwest. We strive to eliminate road blocks so that every performer that wishes to march, is able to participate. 

With a simple donation of $80, your name will be placed along the backdrop of one of the trophy cases at Railmen Headquarters. There are four main cases for each section of our program: Drum Corps, Winter Guard, Indoor Percussion, and Winds. Before finalizing your donation, please write in the "Notes" your desired trophy case.

Thank you from all of us at Railmen!